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In August of 2005, after years of frustration with public figures, I finally became enraged watching Ellen Degeneres lie to an audience full of unsuspecting consumer junkie morons too stupid to realize that they were being played by yet another greedy celebrity talk show pig hired by NBC and paid millions for her ability to hook them on the latest batch of over-priced crap. They even let her get away with endorsing Countrywide, a known predatory lender partially responsible for causing the artificial inflation and sudden collapse of the housing market. Yes, THAT Countrywide. She stood right there and endorsed it with a smile. Oprah Winfrey and Dr Phil did as well.

It was crystal clear that not a single one of those audience members had a clue about the growing concentration of wealth, the shrinking middle class, the related economic instability or the domino-effect of socioeconomic issues resulting from it.

Since then, I've been doing everything within my power and within the law to help offset the deliberate dumbing down of America for maximum profit.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

I am being censored by well known celebrity promoting websites for being critical of Jennifer Lawrence.

I am being censored on two well known celebrity-promoting websites because of my criticism of Jennifer Lawrence and other big celebrities who visit hospitals for photo-ops but never let their own assistants appear in those photos or share the multi-million dollar savings  over the cost of traditional advertising with the sick children or their families. Below are several comments removed by celebrity promoting websites.

 "Jennifer Lawrence doesn't have to visit sick children? Well, she didn't have to visit sick children before she had new movies to promote either. And you know what? SHE DIDN'T. Not until two years ago when she had new movies to promote. In fact, she didn't do ANYTHING for humanity until she had new movies to promote. No hospital visits. No volunteer work. No sponsorship of poor children. NOTHING. But like ALL BIG CELEBRITIES, she now has a commercial image to maintain. IT MAKES HER RICHER. Yet, with all her millions of dollars reaped in part by visiting sick children, many too young to even know of her work or care, and having her hospital photos plastered all over the media thereby saving MILLIONS over the cost of traditional advertising, she STILL can't bring herself to share those millions with her sick little image boosting children or their families who struggle to pay those OUTRAGEOUS healthcare charges. You see, it's not about 'good will' with Jennifer Lawrence or ANY of the big celebrities who visit hospitals for photo-ops. It's about PUBLICITY. This is why she doesn't even let her own assistants appear in the photos with sick children or hospital staff. THE CELEBRITY ASSISTANTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO APPEAR IN THOSE PHOTOS BECAUSE WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW THEY WERE THERE. But they were. Drivers, handlers, body guards and PUBLICISTS. That's right publicists. All big celebrities have them. Their jobs include ARRANGING PUBLICITY STUNTS LIKE THIS AND MAKING SURE THE PHOTOS ARE PLASTERED ALL OVER THE MEDIA IN TIME TO PROMOTE NEW MOVIES, TV SHOWS, ALBUMS AND TOURS. It's true. I've been tracking this for ten years. Jennifer Lawrence isn't the first big celebrity to visit sick children. DOZENS OF BIG CELEBRITIES HAVE. ALL OF THEM WERE PROMOTING NEW MOVIES, TV SHOWS, ALBUMS OR CONCERT TOURS AND NONE OF THEM ALLOWED THEIR OWN ASSISTANTS TO APPEAR IN ANY OF THE PHOTOS. You see, we're not supposed to love and admire those celebrity assistants. We're supposed to love and admire the celebrity, and of course, BUY THEIR NEW PRODUCT. IT MAKES THEM RICHER. Now, check the last hospital visit made by a big celebrity, and the one before that and the one before that. Go back TEN YEARS and check every one of them. It's always the same and ALWAYS TIMED PERFECTLY TO PROMOTE A NEW MOVIE, TV SHOW, ALBUM OR TOUR." -censored for being too critical and informative. 

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