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In August of 2005, after years of frustration with public figures, I finally became enraged watching Ellen Degeneres lie to an audience full of unsuspecting consumer junkie morons too stupid to realize that they were being played by yet another greedy celebrity talk show pig hired by NBC and paid millions for her ability to hook them on the latest batch of over-priced crap. They even let her get away with endorsing Countrywide, a known predatory lender partially responsible for causing the artificial inflation and sudden collapse of the housing market. Yes, THAT Countrywide. She stood right there and endorsed it with a smile. Oprah Winfrey and Dr Phil did as well.

It was crystal clear that not a single one of those audience members had a clue about the growing concentration of wealth, the shrinking middle class, the related economic instability or the domino-effect of socioeconomic issues resulting from it.

Since then, I've been doing everything within my power and within the law to help offset the deliberate dumbing down of America for maximum profit.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Vladimir Spaniard. Everything has been documented. You have not broken any laws that I know of. For that reason, I will make one attempt to clear the slate with you. You have ten days to contact me with your identity, your concern and your intentions. If you resolve this within ten days, I will do my part to clear the slate regardless of your identity. After all, a certain PF does appear to be a very rare exception to the rule. I've been tempted to acknowledge this possibility several times over the last year or so but your actions have prevented me from doing so. Your most recent actions have brought us to this point. Respond within ten days if you want that slate cleared. Otherwise, I will have no choice but to run full steam ahead with a more sinister possibility. Full steam ahead with a new entry and a call to talk radio where I have a friend. A DEFINATE exception to the rule. I will promise on the air that I WILL NOT have a car accident, I WILL NOT fall from a ladder or have any other freak accident, I WILL NOT take any drugs let alone OD on them, I WILL NOT choke, drown or suffocate, I WILL NOT commit suicide, I WILL NOT be killed or seriously harmed for any reason except to limit my activity, punish me for what I have already done or send a message to others and I WILL NOT stop calling on a regular basis. If I do, it's because of you. It's one or the other VS PF or A. That is a solemn promise. In the meantime, I'm getting started on my next entry. It will include names, dates and all of the relevant details to be published unless you respond within ten days and investigated if ANYTHING happens to me. It's a possibilty I've been prepared for from day one.

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