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In August of 2005, after years of frustration with public figures, I finally became enraged watching Ellen Degeneres lie to an audience full of unsuspecting consumer junkie morons too stupid to realize that they were being played by yet another greedy celebrity talk show pig hired by NBC and paid millions for her ability to hook them on the latest batch of over-priced crap. They even let her get away with endorsing Countrywide, a known predatory lender partially responsible for causing the artificial inflation and sudden collapse of the housing market. Yes, THAT Countrywide. She stood right there and endorsed it with a smile. Oprah Winfrey and Dr Phil did as well.

It was crystal clear that not a single one of those audience members had a clue about the growing concentration of wealth, the shrinking middle class, the related economic instability or the domino-effect of socioeconomic issues resulting from it.

Since then, I've been doing everything within my power and within the law to help offset the deliberate dumbing down of America for maximum profit.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Let me put it this way VS. If two dozen of your unidentified friends and affiliates from all over the world all try to intimidate me and/or divert my attention and if they all time their actions perfectly to coincide with a highly publicized Beckham/Moretz Disney World vacation, I will remain nearly certain that it was a Beckham, a Moretz and/or a BM affiliate who went out of their way to identify me and to try to intimidate me.

Of course, your decision to get more people involved worries me but I pretty much expected that. I indicated this in my previous entry. I would still prefer to live the rest of my life and ultimately be burried alongside my loved ones. This IN PART is why I offered to clean the slate with you before this went too far. The other motivation of mine had to do with the possibility that Chloe Moretz was a rare exception to the rule with enough class to take it relatively easy on the publicity stunts in 2015 thereby showing her fans more respect than most of her entertainment industry counterparts. I had every intention to keep my word. Damn right I would have. The CM page would have been deleted. All I wanted in return was your VS willingness to DROP IT AND DO NOTHING WITH MY IDENTITY. After all, I'm just an ordinary citizen. I don't have bodyguards and bulletproof windows. I don't live in circles of wealth and security. I DON'T EVEN WANT TO. I only wanted your VS word.

But of course, you blew that offer to hell with more attempts to intimidate me.

I do consider it possible that some of the attempts to identify and intimidate me have been made without the knowledge or approval of Chloe Moretz herself. After all, she does have a circle of wealthy affiliates. Two of which are FILTHY DISGUSTING RICH VS PIGS. However, I can not ignore the fact that all of this began with a VS obsession with my entry regarding the STAGED 'broken zipper' Chloe Moretz 'wardrobe malfunction' just hours after it was posted and continued with a year long VS effort ultimately resulting in a VS identification of me. Name, age, home address, everything. One which YOU, VS informed me of hoping I would fold under pressure and fear.

It didn't work. After all, I also had the identity of YOU, VS narrowed down pretty well after researching more than just the obvious over the same year. You are almost certainly a Beckham, a Moretz or a BM affiliate.

Of course, I am hated by a number of public figures who would all like to read my obituary. Judy Sheinlin, Jason Buzi, Porter Stansberry, Idina Menzel and many more. They are aware of me. Angelina Jolie once responded to my criticism of her on She was allowed a special format to do so. I'm sure she remains aware of my criticism to this day. It's brutal and damn well justified. As was my criticism of Madonna and her bogus and corrupt efforts in Malawi long before her sham there was FINALLY exposed. Her former profiteering affiliates can't be too happy with me either. After all, I'm the reason you can no longer blog on the Raising Malawi website. I'm also the reason you can no longer 'shop' there. Damn right. What a disgusting element of corruption that was. That jewelry maker should be ashamed of herself for using Malawi's poor to help promote her entire 'for profit' line. Not just the one single piece from which proceeds were donated for publicity. This is the sort of greedy pig corruption that makes my blood boil. Not to mention the very concept of extreme personal wealth. I HATE IT and I've made a lot of enemies online expressing that hatred. A number of them have made it crystal clear with threats of physical harm and attempts to cause my suicide. Two fans and/or promoters of Ellen Degeneres just did so a few weeks ago on her youtube page in response to my damn well justified criticism of her for selling out the very concept of 'hunanity' going so far as to accept a 'Humanitarian of the year' award for it while continuing to endorse the many Wall Street juggernaut corporations which demonstrate virtually no regard for 'humanity', ethics or anything but MAXIMUM PROFIT. An immoral pursuit shared by the multi-hundred-millionaire Degeneres who is PAID MILLIONS TO ENDORSE THEM. What a God damn FRAUD SHE IS. What incredible gall on her part to think its all ok as long as you say "Be good to eachother. Kaw kaw kaw!"

But it wasn't any of them who ultimately identified me. It was you Vladimir Spaniard. You did so only after taking an obsessive interest in my entry regarding the Chloe Moretz 'wardrobe malfuntion' which again, was A LIE STAGED FOR PUBLICITY. It all stems from that page. 

I suppose it's remotely possible that one or more of my other enemies, a few of whom are listed above went out of their way to make it seem as if a Beckham, a Moretz or a BM affiliate identified me after a year long obsession but I find that very unlikely. That remote possibility will be a matter for the authorities to consider if anything happens to me. There will be public interest as well. I'll be making damn sure of that with a call to talk radio. I've been a regular for over ten years. If I stop calling, then several hundred thousand people will know it's because I'm dead.

I've already accepted the possibility that I may be killed regardless. After all, you've gotten more people involved in the ongoing efforts to intimidate me. People from all over the world. As you know, several of them tried within moments of eachother to do so just a few hours ago. Now the cat is out of the bag and it may be just a matter of time before someone pissed off at me decides to say "Fuck it. Kill him anyway." after learning of my identity BECAUSE OF YOU VLADIMIR SPANIARD.

I will not stop. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

That's what I thought Vladimir Spaniard. More games and or global diversionary tricks. Well fuck you and fuck your friends too. I will not be intimidated and I will not stop. If I end up paying with my life, so be it. I've been prepared for that possibility from day one. So if that's the way it goes, SO BE IT. In the meantime, I'm running full steam ahead. The entry I promised yesterday will be up soon enough. I'll make the call to talk radio explaining all of it soon as well. Maybe tomorrow or next week. I have plans to follow up on another issue today. It's also related to greed. So fuck you all the way to hell and tell that bitch Victoria Beckham that I know damn well that she either pissed herself or made it look like she pissed herself in order to jump on the pervert publicity pissy pants bandwagon with Fergie, Lady Gaga, Marie Osmond, Lea Michelle, Snooki, Jennifer Lawrence, Iggy Azalia, IDINA MENZEL and another dozen or so well known celebrities who were all promoting new overpriced crap at the time. I know damn well that she did it for pervert publicity and to get free plugs all over the web just in time to promote her new store or whatever the hell it was premiering a day or so later. I'll be creating a new page devoted to that ridiculous trend as well. I also plan to honor YOU Vladimir Spaniard on several upcomming pages with suspicions of your real identity. Yup, I'm pretty sure that you are within the circle of Chloe Moretz. I still don't know for sure wether she is a RARE exception to the rule with class enough to take it relatively easy on the ridiculous publicity stunts over the last year and a half or if she did so only because I screwed it up for her. I guess that will become a bit easier to determine over the next few years if I live that long. If she does have a bit of class then it's a shame you had to go and put a cloud of suspicion over her with your obsessive efforts to intimidate me. The page I promised you will be posted soon and she will be mentioned along with a detailed explanation. So wether you are a Beckham, a Moretz or an affiliate of theirs trying to intimidate me, you damn well better not do anything even more stupid. My guess is that you've already done things that can not be undone or even contained. Fuck it. If I end up badly hurt, so be it. If I end up dead, so be it. If my body ends up at the bottom of the ocean or rotting in the middle of nowhere, so be it. I was hoping to be burried alongside my loved ones but if I can't even have that, SO BE IT. I WILL NOT STOP.

For those of you who don't know what the hell I'm typing about, I've been identified by Vladimir Spaniard. I have good reason to believe that he or she is a Beckham, a Moretz or an affiliate of theirs. Their obsessive efforts to identify me began just hours after I posted the entry regarding the STAGED 'wardrobe malfunction' involving the zipper of her dress. The obsessive effort to identify me continued for well over a year before it finally succeeded. I do not know what is going to happen to me but I do know that Vladimir Spaniard didn't go through all of that trouble just to say hello. Maybe the explanation posted here and the upcomming call to talk radio will keep me safe. Maybe not. Maybe I'll be the one left standing if and when the hired goons come after me. Maybe not. One thing is for damn sure. 


Damn right the 'wardrobe malfunction' involving Chloe Moretz was staged to help promote her movie and damn right the giant wet spot on Victoria Beckham's pants was either put there or pissed there to help promote her store or whatever the hell it was. Just like Marie Osmond pissed herself on a stage just in time to promote her TV show which premiered just two or three days later. 


The dumbing down of Western Society in the name of GREED continues. 


So fuck you Vladimir Spaniard. Fuck you all the way to hell. 


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Vladimir Spaniard. Everything has been documented. You have not broken any laws that I know of. For that reason, I will make one attempt to clear the slate with you. You have ten days to contact me with your identity, your concern and your intentions. If you resolve this within ten days, I will do my part to clear the slate regardless of your identity. After all, a certain PF does appear to be a very rare exception to the rule. I've been tempted to acknowledge this possibility several times over the last year or so but your actions have prevented me from doing so. Your most recent actions have brought us to this point. Respond within ten days if you want that slate cleared. Otherwise, I will have no choice but to run full steam ahead with a more sinister possibility. Full steam ahead with a new entry and a call to talk radio where I have a friend. A DEFINATE exception to the rule. I will promise on the air that I WILL NOT have a car accident, I WILL NOT fall from a ladder or have any other freak accident, I WILL NOT take any drugs let alone OD on them, I WILL NOT choke, drown or suffocate, I WILL NOT commit suicide, I WILL NOT be killed or seriously harmed for any reason except to limit my activity, punish me for what I have already done or send a message to others and I WILL NOT stop calling on a regular basis. If I do, it's because of you. It's one or the other VS PF or A. That is a solemn promise. In the meantime, I'm getting started on my next entry. It will include names, dates and all of the relevant details to be published unless you respond within ten days and investigated if ANYTHING happens to me. It's a possibilty I've been prepared for from day one.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

If anything happens to me, my severe injury, death or disappearance will be made public. The authorities will be directed to a list of suspects. At the top of that list will be David and Victoria Beckham. In the meantime, I will not stop. As long as I live, I will not stop.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

I am being censored by well known celebrity promoting websites for being critical of Jennifer Lawrence.

I am being censored on two well known celebrity-promoting websites because of my criticism of Jennifer Lawrence and other big celebrities who visit hospitals for photo-ops but never let their own assistants appear in those photos or share the multi-million dollar savings  over the cost of traditional advertising with the sick children or their families. Below are several comments removed by celebrity promoting websites.

 "Jennifer Lawrence doesn't have to visit sick children? Well, she didn't have to visit sick children before she had new movies to promote either. And you know what? SHE DIDN'T. Not until two years ago when she had new movies to promote. In fact, she didn't do ANYTHING for humanity until she had new movies to promote. No hospital visits. No volunteer work. No sponsorship of poor children. NOTHING. But like ALL BIG CELEBRITIES, she now has a commercial image to maintain. IT MAKES HER RICHER. Yet, with all her millions of dollars reaped in part by visiting sick children, many too young to even know of her work or care, and having her hospital photos plastered all over the media thereby saving MILLIONS over the cost of traditional advertising, she STILL can't bring herself to share those millions with her sick little image boosting children or their families who struggle to pay those OUTRAGEOUS healthcare charges. You see, it's not about 'good will' with Jennifer Lawrence or ANY of the big celebrities who visit hospitals for photo-ops. It's about PUBLICITY. This is why she doesn't even let her own assistants appear in the photos with sick children or hospital staff. THE CELEBRITY ASSISTANTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO APPEAR IN THOSE PHOTOS BECAUSE WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW THEY WERE THERE. But they were. Drivers, handlers, body guards and PUBLICISTS. That's right publicists. All big celebrities have them. Their jobs include ARRANGING PUBLICITY STUNTS LIKE THIS AND MAKING SURE THE PHOTOS ARE PLASTERED ALL OVER THE MEDIA IN TIME TO PROMOTE NEW MOVIES, TV SHOWS, ALBUMS AND TOURS. It's true. I've been tracking this for ten years. Jennifer Lawrence isn't the first big celebrity to visit sick children. DOZENS OF BIG CELEBRITIES HAVE. ALL OF THEM WERE PROMOTING NEW MOVIES, TV SHOWS, ALBUMS OR CONCERT TOURS AND NONE OF THEM ALLOWED THEIR OWN ASSISTANTS TO APPEAR IN ANY OF THE PHOTOS. You see, we're not supposed to love and admire those celebrity assistants. We're supposed to love and admire the celebrity, and of course, BUY THEIR NEW PRODUCT. IT MAKES THEM RICHER. Now, check the last hospital visit made by a big celebrity, and the one before that and the one before that. Go back TEN YEARS and check every one of them. It's always the same and ALWAYS TIMED PERFECTLY TO PROMOTE A NEW MOVIE, TV SHOW, ALBUM OR TOUR." -censored for being too critical and informative. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

I am calling Ashley Judd a liar. There was no rape or incest. It's an OUTRIGHT LIE.

Within hours of her latest movie premier, Ashley Judd was in the news once again claiming to be a victim of misogyny and harassment. Evidently, there was a twitter exchange regarding a college basketball game which involved threats, profanity and vulgarity directed at Judd. One that she must have known would take place after accusing one team of 'playing dirty', a claim that was not substantiated by any referee, and inviting them to 'kiss her ass'. I'm not making excuses for those who responded to Judd with threats of violence or physical violation. Any that actually took place were uncalled for. Well, sort of. For Judd's very intention was to make herself a target. In fact, I believe that she deliberately provoked the exchange with full knowledge and forsight. After all, it has been well known for many years that within every crowd or audiance of sports fans, some individuals are very easy to provoke.

Within hours of the exchange and the premier of her new movie, Judd was threatening to file charges. Shortly after, she was being praised all over the media for an essay in which she pretended to feel violated. Within the essay, for the third time that I know of, she made herself out to be a victim still recovering from rape and incest. This, in addition to misogyny and harassment.

The timing is a dead giveaway. It was the last time as well. And the time before that. Ashley Judd has made a habit of playing the victim whenever she has a new product to sell. The last time, it was a TV show. The time before that, a book.

Once again, Ashley Judd has created a situatiation in which her repeated claims of rape and incest seem relevant. As usual, it's done with an ulterior commercial motive. After all, she is promoting a new movie. By timing her little rant to coincide with the promotion of that movie, she gets free publicity thereby making more people aware of that movie resulting in higher ticket sales. The same will be true when the DVD is released. All of this makes Ashley Judd richer. That's the idea. I'll remind those of you who doubt this that she has pulled these sorts of stunts several times within the last few years. Each and every time, they were planned to coincide perfectly with the promotion of a new movie, TV show or book.

Publicity stunts like this are more effective and FAR less expensive than traditional advertising. They have become the norm. The problem I have with it, aside from the Earth shattering greed of celebrities, is that it makes America stupid. Seriously. It's always, always, ALWAYS something with big celebrities whenever they have new movies, shows, albums, tours, book, scents, makeup or fashion lines to promote. After so many hundreds of carefully timed publicity stunts ranging from 'wardrobe malfunctions' to 'trips' onstage to 'life savings' to controversial statements to 'powerful essays' like Judd's most recent in which she has the gall to ask that others 'join her' (not the other way around, as if she invented the concept of speaking out), I find it truly astonishing that EVERYONE isn't aware of it by now. It's ALWAYS SOMETHING.

Judd's latest publicity stunt may be wrapped in more sophisticated packaging then a 'nip slip' or a panty flash but it's every bit as calculated. Timed perfectly as usual to coincide with the promotion of her new movie. Seriously, America. Wake up already. Once again, you are being played for fools.

I'll believe Judd's melodramatic claims of rape and incest when she names her violators (they better be alive to respond) and charges are filed. In the meantime, I'm calling her a liar. After all, if she truly has the courage she claims to have, then she can drop a few names and file a police report. Not for the online crap which MANY of us male and female have dealt with MANY times but for the RAPE and INCEST she has the GALL to allege without making it official in the name of justice.

I'm calling Ashley Judd a liar.

This IS NOT a bash on actual victims of abuse, women, or ANYONE but Judd and the HUNDREDS of celebrities who ALWAYS pull some sort of publicity stunt in order to save millions over the cost of traditional advertising whenever they have new movies, shows, albums, tours, books, scents, fashion or makeup lines to promote.

Monday, November 10, 2014


Hey! Garth Brooks. You FILTHY DISGUSTING RICH MULTI-HUNDRED-MILLIONAIRE PIECE OF GREEDY PIG FAKE COWBOY 1% of 1% of 1% CLUB SHIT. I see you did what you celebrity pigs always, always, always, always, ALWAYS DO when you have a new over-priced album or greedy pig tour to promote. You went right out and arranged yourself a big, fat, WORLD NEWS publicity stunt. It's all over the web, TV, and talk radio already. Just like you planned ahead of time. JUST LIKE YOU CALCULATED ALONG WITH YOUR AGENTS FOR MAXIMUM PUBLICITY, MAXIMUM EFFECT AND MAXIMUM PROFIT. CH'CHING!

Well, you God damn self-centered self-serving filthy disguting rich and getting filthy disgusting richer celebrity PIG, I have a challenge for you to IGNORE hoping that your IDIOT FANS won't realize what you truly are anytime soon.

I challenge you to acknowledge the fact that your little 'cancer victim' just saved you MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OVER THE COST OF TRADITIONAL ADVERTISING. She did so by getting your celebrity pig name and image plastered all over the media worldwide along with showers of glorious praise and plugs for your greedy pig fake cowboy tour. That's right you filthy disgusting rich FAKE COWBOY in a $500 FAKE COWBOY hat. We both know God damn well that it's true. After all, that was the idea to begin with. It's ALWAYS the idea with you celebrity pigs.

I'm challenging you to take that $10,000,000 or so of ADDITIONAL PROFIT that you will surely reap from your IDIOT FANS thanks to that 'cancer victim' and give it right the fuck back to her so that she and/or her family won't have to worry about the OBSCENE PROFIT HEALTHCARE CHARGES for years to come.


No? Don't have the courage to sacrifice even a tiny little percentage of your MULTI-HUNDRED-MILLIONAIRE celebrity pig fortune? Not even for the cancer victim that just saved you MILLIONS over the cost of traditional advertising?


Garth Brooks, I can't make you do the right thing. Not a chance in Hell. You pigs are far too consumed with Earth shattering greed and vanity to reach. But I can put a tiny little '*' next to your name for many others to consider for years to come.