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In August of 2005, after years of frustration with public figures, I finally became enraged watching Ellen Degeneres lie to an audience full of unsuspecting consumer junkie morons too stupid to realize that they were being played by yet another greedy celebrity talk show pig hired by NBC and paid millions for her ability to hook them on the latest batch of over-priced crap. They even let her get away with endorsing Countrywide, a known predatory lender partially responsible for causing the artificial inflation and sudden collapse of the housing market. Yes, THAT Countrywide. She stood right there and endorsed it with a smile. Oprah Winfrey and Dr Phil did as well.

It was crystal clear that not a single one of those audience members had a clue about the growing concentration of wealth, the shrinking middle class, the related economic instability or the domino-effect of socioeconomic issues resulting from it.

Since then, I've been doing everything within my power and within the law to help offset the deliberate dumbing down of America for maximum profit.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The 'audio meltdown' on WGN was STAGED.

7 or 8 years ago, I started ripping on the 'Today' show for their incredibly predictable barrage of 'technical difficulties'. Incidents which are not actually 'difficult' at all. They are simply staged several times each week in order to make the show more interesting to millions of Americans who have a growing, almost obsessive interest in all things bizarre, humorous, unexpected, awkward, or dramatic..

These 'difficulties' are often staged for the purpose of broadcasting sights and sounds intended to leave the viewers under the impression that although riddled with daily issues and events more and more bizarre, humorous, unexpected, awkward, or dramatic in nature, the 'Today' show is real, live, spontaneous, fun, and sincere. Not at all scripted, contrived, rehearsed, or otherwise calculated for maximum profit..

In other words, the 'Today' show is just like the 'Kardashian' show, 'Duck Dynasty', 'Honey Boo Boo', and virtually every other 'reality' show on the air today. FAKE FAKE FAKE. Sure, the producers of these shows get lucky once in a great while and get something 'real' on camera to exploit for higher ratings but for the most part, these shows are much like Angelina Jolie's rack, and her personality for that matter..

Synthetic. The polar opposite of real..

I am disgusted with the very concept of passing anything fake or insincere off as real or genuine for the purpose of entertainment or profit. It is downright immoral. That alone has become so incredibly common the world over that I no longer have an ounce of faith in reform..

But when I stop to consider just how many of my fellow citizens continue to open wide each morning, ready and willing to swallow the crap being shoveled in their faces and how incredibly futile it is to hope that any of them will ever do any different, it aggravates me in such a profound way that I seriously consider removing myself from this society..

Jesus God dxxx fxxxxxx Christ you blithering idiots of America. Wake the fxxx up already. Do it now you pathetic herd of consumer junkie morons. GROW FXXXXXX BRAINS..

The 'audio meltdown' on WGN was just another morning show publicity stunt. Like those on the 'Today' show, every other talk show, and every fake 'reality' show, it was carefully planned ahead of time. It was broadcast for the purpose of making you, the viewer, THE CONSUMER, even dumber than you already are..


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