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In August of 2005, after years of frustration with public figures, I finally became enraged watching Ellen Degeneres lie to an audience full of unsuspecting consumer junkie morons too stupid to realize that they were being played by yet another greedy celebrity talk show pig hired by NBC and paid millions for her ability to hook them on the latest batch of over-priced crap. They even let her get away with endorsing Countrywide, a known predatory lender partially responsible for causing the artificial inflation and sudden collapse of the housing market. Yes, THAT Countrywide. She stood right there and endorsed it with a smile. Oprah Winfrey and Dr Phil did as well.

It was crystal clear that not a single one of those audience members had a clue about the growing concentration of wealth, the shrinking middle class, the related economic instability or the domino-effect of socioeconomic issues resulting from it.

Since then, I've been doing everything within my power and within the law to help offset the deliberate dumbing down of America for maximum profit.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


For those of you who don't know already, the penis on FOX Denver earlier this year was aired deliberately. It was just one of many outrageous publicity stunts in the ongoing war for shock/drama/humor ratings on network television. I actually called FOX Denver and spoke with the general manager to let him know what I thought of their little publicity stunt and to ask if they had been contacted regarding a possible fine. He would not give me an answer. The man is a COWARD..

My hunch is that they aired the penis just long enough to be noticed by thousands but not long enough to result in a massive fine. In other words, they planned the obscene event ahead of time to seem like just another 'accident' on live TV. Thus avoiding a massive fine. This has become the strategy of those networks who seek publicity by showing what they are not allowed by law to broadcast..

I'll give you a few recent examples just from memory. The Nancy Grace 'wardrobe malfunction', one or more of the multiple Olympics 'wardrobe malfunctions', the Nikki Minaj 'wardrobe malfunction', the Khloe Kardashian 'wardrobe malfunction', the multiple 'F-Bombs', the 'C-word', and the 'All Up In My Snatch' book cover. All broadcast on live TV. Just long enough to be noticed by thousands and make the internet for publicity but not long enough to result in massive fines..

See how this works?.

Those of you who don't mind having your intelligence insulted every single day, go ahead and watch FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and all the other networks for the next outrageous publicity stunt (fake laughing fit, fake technical difficulties, fake meltdown, fake bladder issue, staged wardrobe malfunction, fake practical joke, fake injury or illness, improper image, ect). The rest of you, those who are sick of what television has become, CRAP, turn the channel, turn off the TV, and STOP SUPPORTING THEIR SPONSORS..

If you want to let FOX Denver have a piece of your mind or ask who was responsible for that offensive image or inquire about a fine that will never come, go ahead and call the following numbers for FOX Denver:.

Main line: 3O3-595-3l3l. Tip line: 3O3-566-7575. Newsroom: 3O3-566-76OO..

Hopefully, a few of you will. In the meantime, every last one of us are being played for fools..


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